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Zhengzhou Sande Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Wulong Industrial Cluster of Xingyang City, which is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and production technology providing for solid waste recycling production and treatment equipment. We focus on the R&D and manufacturing of equipment for rapid decomposing (harmless) of agricultural waste (dung, straw) raw materials, and high-efficiency (biological) organic fertilizer equipment. Our organic waste treatment equipment has obtained a number of national patents. Sande Machinery can provide customers with one-stop comprehensive services such as project planning, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and technical training, ect.

Zhengzhou Sande Machinery has strong technical force, rich equipment manufacturing and use experience, and high-quality service team. Sande Machinery has successfully launched a variety of new types of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, compounding equipment, extrusion/disc/drum and other granulation equipment, bio-organic fertilizer low-temperature drying equipment, packaging equipment and so on, as well as 10,000-200,000 tons (biological) organic fertilizer production line, BB fertilizer complete set of equipment. Sande Machinery has successfully provided reliable production equipment for thousands of livestock and poultry farms, (biological) organic fertilizer plants, household waste, kitchen waste, and sludge treatment plants.

Based on the principle of ‘creating maximum value for customers’, Sande Machinery provide each client with warm and thoughtful services. We strictly implement comprehensive pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales one-stop services to offer each client high-quality equipment and services. Sande Machinery has always adhered to the service tenet of fast, accurate, thoughtful and thorough, and won praise from customers with high-quality service.



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Equipment and supporting process for processing organic fertilizer

Equipment and Supporting Process for Processing Organic Fertilizer

Production capacity: 2000t-200000t/year
Scope of application: Animal manure, straw, agricultural waste, etc.
processing equipment: Granulators, turning and throwing machines, packaging equipment, deodorizing equipment, etc.

We have provided multiple sets of supporting equipment for organic fertilizer production lines. The production lines with annual output ranging from 2,000 tons to 200,000 tons are professionally matched. It can also be customized according to customer needs.

(Harmless Treatment) Process Configuration of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

(Harmless Treatment) Process Configuration of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Production capacity: 2000-100000 tons/year
Application scope: organic compound fertilizer pellet production line, powder production line (animal manure, straw, green manure, compost, biogas fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer)
Components: raw material crusher, turning and polishing machine, granulator, dryer, etc.

Due to the wide range of sources and complex composition of these materials, in order to ensure the quality of agricultural products and agricultural safety, some organic matter must be treated in a harmless manner.

50000tons/year Organic Fertilizer Production Line Configuration Table

50000tons/year Organic Fertilizer Production Line Configuration Table

Production capacity: 500000 tons/year
Equipment: Fermentation turning and polishing machine (1 set), Double shaft high humidity crusher (1 set), Screening machine (3 set), Vertical mixer (2 set), Disc granulator (2 set), Dryer (1 set), Cooler (1 set), Coating machine (1 set), Belt conveyor (7 set)
Application range: Manure treatment in organic fertilizer processing plants and farms

Cow manure and sheep manure organic fertilizer equipment

Cow Manure and Sheep Manure Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Production capacity: 10,000-200,000 tons/year
Application range: chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, horse manure, and other animal manure, soybean meal, distiller's grains, straw, etc.
Components: Fermentation Compost Equipment, Crusher, Granulator, Dryer, Mixer

Manure is a good source of organic fertilizer. In addition to rich in organic matter and nutrients necessary for plants such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphate and other trace elements, it also contains various biological enzymes and microorganisms.