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Advantages Brought by Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Advantages Brought by Organic Fertilizer Equipment
Advantages brought by organic fertilizer equipment:

1, Manure through organic fertilizer equipment to achieve resource utilization, not only can reduce the pollution of the environment, but also improve the level of biosecurity of breeding enterprises, reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases of livestock and poultry, the production of high-quality organic fertilizer, which can improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, generate clean energy, and achieve environmental protection.

2, Organic fertilizer after organic fertilizer equipment processing and production procedures, as well as sterilization and other multi-processes, under the fermentation of microorganisms will become a natural organic fertilizer, can be used for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, flowers. It basically eliminates the diseases and insects harmful to crop growth originally found in livestock and poultry manure. In addition, biological organic fertilizer after fermentation, fully rotted into the soil, will not cause crop burn, burn seedlings.

3, The combination of planting and raising is an important way to realize the reduction of agricultural sources. The working principle of organic fertilizer production line equipment is simply to 'eat' organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure and 'spit out' organic fertilizer, which not only can improve the environment, but also can bring economic benefits to farmers. Let the agricultural scale, standardization and mechanization of production is possible, cost down, added value increased. At the same time, the problem of agricultural surface pollution has been solved.

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