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Cow Manure can Actually be Made into Organic Fertilizer? So This is How it is Done

Cow Manure can Actually be Made into Organic Fertilizer? So This is How it is Done
Cow manure can be used as a very good organic fertilizer fertilizer. Cow manure contains 81.5% water, 15.0% organic matter, 0.60% nitrogen, 0.40% phosphorus and 0.44% potassium. If it is processed into organic fertilizer material by organic fertilizer equipment, then not only improve the growth of plants, can make food crops increase production. And the implementation of organic matter abolition of the value of reuse.

So what are the ways to turn cow manure into organic fertilizer?

One,along the trough type cow manure compost fermentation method.

(1) The cow manure and straw, slag crumbs, mushroom slag, etc. in accordance with the ratio (manure accounted for 80-90%, the rest accounted for 10-20%) mixed with 1 ton of materials (about 2.5 tons of fresh material) plus 1 kg of cow manure fermentor, according to 1 kg of cow manure fermentor plus 5 kg of rice bran (or bran, pepper and other substitutes) diluted and then scattered into the material pile on average, mixed fermentation can be.

(2) Cow manure fermenting agent is along the rotting agent fermentation principal, can collate ovalbumin, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and so on, and will be thermophilic, heat-resistant bacteria, fungi, yeast strains and relationship collation enzyme compound, its spiritual test live bacteria number content is high, degradation principal is strong, at the same time not only reach the effect of ascending, deodorizing, canceling pest and disease, weed health and popular nutrition. Under the premise of conformity, it can quickly decompose and mineralize the carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur in the pile, and produce a lot of inorganic substances, which can further become the nutrients that can be accepted by crops.

(3) The fermentation process to prevent in line with the oxygen supply and turn the pile, the temperature is curbed at 55-65 ℃, the temperature is too high on the nutrient impact. Fermented material moisture should be curbed at 60-65%. Too high and too low will affect the fermentation, too little water, fermentation slow; too much water will lead to poor aeration, slow pressure, and the outbreak of odor.

(4) All fermentation process generally 5-7 days after the implementation of the material can be thoroughly deodorized, fermentation and maturation, insecticidal sterilization, etc.. Produced organic fertilizer material is loose, dark brown, slightly wine flavor or soil flavor, full of nutrients, applied to farmland more stable and simple, used for fruits and vegetables, financial crops, seedlings and flowers nutrient soil, the price appreciation is higher.

(5) In the fermentation process using cow manure compost fermentation turning machine for repeated tossing matter ventilation, supplemental oxygen, water control, and then not in the fermentation process to depreciate the dampness, matter aerobic fermentation, and at the same time through the reduction of auxiliary materials, to reduce the material of trace elements injected npk content.

(6) After the implementation of the pre-fermentation, mobile body fermentation tank, held the second aging, kung fu is shorter generally a few days kung fu to implement the second aging is to reduce the organic fertilizer activity

Two, hold methane pool fermentation.

This kind of consumes less time, however, need to build methane ponds, the cost is relatively high. The state has a large subsidy for the countryside to build methane ponds to flourish organic agriculture. The use of methane fermentation belongs to anaerobic fermentation, in order to protect the nutrient content of processed cow manure organic fertilizer after fermentation, so to hold aerobic fermentation of digestate, and further in accordance with the trough cow manure compost fermentation method to reduce the nutrient elements of digestate.

Three, direct accumulation fermentation.

This fermentation method takes longer, however, the cost is lower. Simply speaking, the cow manure and soil mixed with the average, accumulation in the case of 15 ° above, manure pile on the head of the plastic sheet may accelerate the rate of fermentation. The process of 20 days arrangement, turn over the inside of the manure pile, there is a definite temperature, there is a white filamentous outbreak, there is steam, prove that still fermentation is good. At this time can pour the cow manure fine transport to the ground to do the bottom fertilizer application.

Four, organic fertilizer fermentation tank.

The advantage of the tank type compost fermentation is that the fermentation is held in a closed fermentation tank, and the advantage is that the fermentation is shorter. The disadvantage is that tank fermentation can not be fermented in series, a single fermentation volume is small, can not be the maximum range of organic fertilizer processing, the other is the fermentation of moisture containment is not easy, simple formation of anaerobic fermentation, and thus the formation of organic fertilizer nutrient runoff.

In accordance with the above-mentioned essence, we may wish to choose organic fertilizer equipment. The use of trough-type turning machine to hold fermentation of organic fertilizer fertilizer, the yield is large, no pollution. If you have any interest in the above-mentioned equipment, you can contact us.

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