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Why Poultry Manure is not Used Directly But Composted

Why Poultry Manure is not Used Directly But Composted
The production of any kind of qualified and high quality organic fertilizer must go through a composting and fermentation process. Composting is a process in which organic matter is continuously degraded and stabilized by the action of microorganisms under certain conditions, and produces a product suitable for land use.

Composting, an ancient and simple method of treating organic waste and manufacturing fertilizer, has been gaining attention in various countries for its application as it has good ecological significance and brings benefits to agricultural production as research has intensified and methods have been improved.

There are many reports that the preparation of seedbeds with decomposed compost can suppress soil-borne diseases. And the antagonistic bacteria that ensue after the high temperature stage of the composting process can make the bacteria count reach a high level; the composting process of each organic matter under the action of microorganisms to achieve a state of less decomposition, stability and easy absorption by crops; at the same time microbial action to reduce the toxic effects of heavy metals within a certain range.

It can be seen that composting is a simple and effective method to manufacture bio-organic fertilizer, which is beneficial to the development of ecological agriculture.

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