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Is the Flat Film Extrusion Granulator Good and How to Use It

Is the Flat Film Extrusion Granulator Good and How to Use It
In fact, the organic fertilizer equipment of the flat film extrusion granulator is basically similar to the roller extrusion granulator, mainly used for organic fertilizer pellet processing and aquaculture, aquaculture feed processing industry. The surface of the processed granules is smooth, with moderate hardness, uniform granule forming and regular shape, and the size of the granules can be freely selected according to the production needs. As the water content of the pellets is moderate, they can be kept for a long time, and they can keep their original shape in water for a long time, so the utilization rate of the pellets can be improved.

The use of flat film extrusion granulator:

After adding hyperbolic gear oil to the gearbox of the flat film extrusion granulator, the device is installed smoothly and the belt is adjusted properly before starting the flat film granulator of the organic fertilizer production equipment, the equipment can be put into production after normal operation.

In the initial application of the new flat film extrusion granulator, about 10 kg of raw materials are used for trial, so that the membrane pores are smooth and sparse, and can be produced; when there are more fine fibers in the processing of raw materials, 5% moisture should be added, and the moisture will evaporate during the extrusion process, and after the processing is completed, the gap adjustment screw is loosened; after the machine is shut down, the remaining components on the equipment should be sorted and the equipment should be maintained.

Flat film extrusion granulator pay attention to the production of no solid particles, such as small stones, small iron and other solid objects in the preparation of the guess, in order to prevent the formation of equipment hazards. After 10 working days of equipment operation, the equipment should be disassembled and filled with high temperature resistant grease to keep the bearings in use, and general attention should be paid to check whether the belt of the gear box is leaking oil.

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