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The Advantages of Drying Cow Manure Dryer After

The Advantages of Drying Cow Manure Dryer After
1. The dried cow manure made into almost no odor, small viscosity can be directly applied into the soil as organic fertilizer material. Its long-lasting fertilizer effect, mild fertilizer, not only supplement the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and a large number of trace elements in the soil, and also supplement the organic matter content of the soil, improve the use of chemical fertilizers caused by the use of the soil after the situation of caking. Tests have shown that under the same conditions, cow manure is more effective than other fertilizers.

2. When making solid organic fertilizer can be added to the rest of the materials such as straw, after the mixer mixed and sent to the fermentation tank, adding organic fertilizer fermentor to promote the material to quickly pressure ripening, after the material reaches a determined temperature through the compost fermentation pile turner to hold the pile, so that the material and air fusion each other, the implementation of aerobic fermentation. After that, the organic fertilizer equipment can be made according to the needs of the organic fertilizer powder organic fertilizer or granular organic fertilizer on the market.

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