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What are the Benefits of Biofertilizer

What are the Benefits of Biofertilizer
Biofertilizer can play a catalytic role in the plant microbial metabolic cycle, which can promote the formation of soil agglomerate structure, improve the internal void space of soil, increase soil biological activity, enhance the release of fast-acting nutrients, facilitate root growth and improve the resistance of plants.

Biofertilizer and organic fertilizer with the use of effect , organic fertilizer to provide organic matter, biological fertilizer to provide beneficial microorganisms, in addition, organic matter is the food of microorganisms, the more organic matter in the soil microorganisms to live better!

Organic matter provides a lot of food for beneficial microorganisms, and beneficial microorganisms promote the humification of organic fertilizer, the two with fertilizer, promote each other, complement each other, use each other, can improve the loosening of the soil, improve the air permeability and water retention of the soil, enhance the absorption capacity of the root system, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, thus reducing the amount of chemical fertilizer.

Inorganic fertilizer is through the decomposition of organic matter in the soil, transformation, indirectly for crop absorption, while the increase in organic matter and promote the increase in soil activity, to create a space for microbial survival activities, reproduction, in turn, a large number of biological bacteria activity and activation of soil activity, forming a virtuous cycle very beneficial to the soil.

With the increase of organic matter, the crop's resilience is also enhanced, and at the same time, the residual ineffective phosphorus and potassium in the soil are changed into effective phosphorus and effective potassium for the crop to absorb and use, which can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer, improve fertilizer efficiency and reduce costs.

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