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How to Buy Cattle Manure Tumbler

How to Buy Cattle Manure Tumbler
1, When buying a tumbler, you must choose a regular manufacturer and choose the right custom tumbler. Turning machine with frequency conversion speed control walking system, can well adapt to changes in workload. Turning machine walking system with frequency conversion speed regulation, has the advantages of good adaptability to different materials, stable operation, high unloading efficiency, deep tank operation, etc. The utility model effectively shortens the fermentation cycle and improves the production efficiency and product quality. The utility model can flexibly adjust the walking speed according to the material resistance, so that the equipment has stronger adaptability and flexibility.

2, Cow manure organic fertilizer turning machine is generally carried out in the enclosed fermentation workshop. By stacking organic waste materials in front of the fermentation tank, using a large turning machine to move the material and set up an aeration system at the bottom of the fermentation tank, you can quickly decompose the material.

Turning machine should choose a large processing capacity, short fermentation cycle, high degree of automation, can collect and deal with odor, high cost of civil investment in turning machine products, suitable for large farm waste centralized treatment.

3, The manure treated by the turning machine is almost odorless and has little viscosity. It can be used as base and chase fertilizer. Its fertilizer effect is long and stable. It supplements the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements in the soil, enriches the organic matter of the soil, overcomes the shortcomings of soil salinization caused by frequent application of chemical fertilizers, and plays a role in improving the soil.

4, When choosing a tiller, you can choose a mobile crane to realize the operation of multi-tank equipment. If the capacity of the equipment allows, only one additional fermenter can expand the production scale and improve the value of the equipment. Whether from the perspective of protecting the ecological environment or promoting the sustainable development of livestock and poultry farming, the emergence of the turning machine can effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by manure.

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