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Common Problems and Solutions in the Fermentation Process

Common Problems and Solutions in the Fermentation Process
I. Slow temperature rise: The pile does not warm up or heats up slowly.

Possible causes and solutions.

1. Raw material is too wet: According to the ratio of materials, add dry materials and then stir fermentation.

2. Raw materials are too dry: according to the humidity, add water or wet materials, so that the moisture is maintained at 45%-55%

3. Not enough nitrogen source: add ammonium sulfate with high nitrogen content to maintain the carbon to nitrogen ratio at 20:1.

4. Pile is too small or the weather is too cold: pile high pile, add easily degradable material such as corn straw.

5. PH is too low: pH value less than 5.5 can add lime or wood ash and mix well to adjust the pH of the fermentation pile.

II. The pile temperature is too high: fermentation process pile temperature ≥ 65 ℃.

Possible causes and solutions.

1. Poor permeability: regular pile turning, increase the permeability of the fermentation pile.

2. The pile is too large: reduce the size of the pile.

III. There is an odor: from the pile body constantly rotten egg smell or the smell of corruption emitted.

Possible causes and solutions.

1. Ammonia content is too high (C / N less than 20): use deodorant to disinfect and deodorize, and add substances with high carbon content such as: crop straw, peanut shells, rice husk, etc.

2. PH is too high: add acidic substances (calcium phosphate) to lower the pH value to avoid using alkaline ingredients (lime).

3. Uneven aeration or poor airflow around: re-mix the material and change the formula.

4. Material pile is too dense: remix the pile according to the density of the material to add large grain material as appropriate.

5. Anaerobic environment: regular pile turning, increase the oxygen content of the pile.

IV. Mosquitoes and flies breeding: fermentation pile with flies breeding.

Possible Causes and Solutions

1. Raw materials in the fermentation before the pile is too long: fast processing of raw materials, the surface spraying probiotic deodorant, reduce odor, reduce mosquitoes.

2. Fresh manure covered in the surface of the pile breeding flies: every 4-7 days to turn the pile, the surface of the static pile covered with 6cm of compost layer.

V. Material lumping: the fermented material of the pile has large parts and inconsistent structure.

Possible causes and solutions.

1. Uneven mixing of raw materials or turning the pile is not enough: improve the initial mixing method.

2. Uneven airflow or insufficient surroundings: sorting or crushing compost to improve air distribution.

3. Raw materials contain large and non-degradable or slow degradable materials: sorting compost, crushing and sorting raw materials.

4. Composting process is not finished: extend the fermentation time or improve the fermentation conditions.

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