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Farmers to Create a Small Organic Fertilizer Plant Equipment Configuration

Farmers to Create a Small Organic Fertilizer Plant Equipment Configuration
As the saying goes, farming is hard, farming is tiring, and farming is a day of living and suffering. Farmers need to worry about too many things, the growth of livestock, sales, excrement disposal and so on. But as long as the scientific feeding, livestock can always grow up healthy; economic level increases, the demand for livestock is gradually increasing, sales is not a problem. Only the treatment of excrement is really a problem, there is nowhere to discharge and very easy to decay and fermentation, the stench is so strong that it seriously affects the surrounding living environment and is often complained about, and even some farmers are forced to close down because they cannot properly handle the excrement of livestock. What to do? Can only close the hard-earned farm? Don't worry, excrement can be made into high quality organic fertilizer after simple treatment. What equipment is needed for the production process? Let's look at.

 I. Fermentation Equipment

The most important process of organic fertilizer production is fermentation, excrement must be thoroughly fermented and decomposed.

Common fermentation equipment are trough type tumbler, crawler tumbler, chain plate tumbler, wheel tumbler, fermentation tank and so on.

Turning machine is mainly a substitute for manual compost tossing, can not improve the fermentation process, fermentation cycle in about 35-60 days, and covers a large area.

Fermentation tank can greatly improve the efficiency of fermentation, fermentation cycle is generally about 7 days, and covers an area of small, the disadvantage is that the investment cost of equipment is higher than the tumbler.


The excrement can be called organic fertilizer after thorough fermentation and maturation, and can be stacked in the maturation area first, and then transported to the feeder for temporary storage by forklift or conveyor belt when there is demand.

III. Crushing Equipment

After fermentation and ripening, there will be some lumps, the application effect is not good, so it needs to be crushed.

IV. Sieving Equipment

After crushing the organic fertilizer, it is best to use the sifter for sieving, the unqualified large granular organic fertilizer will be crushed once again.

V. Packaging Equipment

If the organic fertilizer is self-use or bulk sales, you can not use packaging equipment.

The above equipment configuration is powdered organic fertilizer production line, suitable for the daily output of 5 tons - 10 tons of excrement farm; if the daily output of excrement more than 10 tons, it is recommended to configure granular organic fertilizer production line.


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