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How to Prevent Poultry Vomiting

How to Prevent Poultry Vomiting
In the process of breeding production, whether it is the phenomenon of pigeons, quail, broilers, or laying hens, we will encounter some of the chickens in the flock spitting water into the trough, the phenomenon of small pieces of wet material in the trough, touch the crop of the chicken spitting water, large and soft, filled with a lot of liquid inside, lift the chicken legs upside down, will flow mucus liquid from the mouth. There are no obvious abnormalities in the mental state, growth, or production performance of the chickens.

This vomiting of chickens is obviously not a normal phenomenon. Chicken vomiting water cause analysis and prevention.

1, Candidiasis (commonly known as vegetative cystitis) is a fungal disease of the upper part of the digestive tract caused by Candida albicans. Crop inflammation occurs in chickens will appear feeding slowly reduce or not increase, swallowing difficulties, thin, dissected mainly in the crop to form a white pseudomembrane, crop color lightening, crop wall inflammation infection, resulting in mucus reflux vomiting, slow onset, the growth and production performance of chickens will not be immediately apparent, so it is generally not easy to be found by breeders.

2, Mycotoxin poisoning is mainly vomit toxin, vomit toxin poisoning is manifested as vomiting water, diarrhea, feeding is not up to standard, the color of vomited water is generally light brown, dissected crop, glandular muscle stomach with dark brown contents, serious myogastric corpuscles ulcerated, glandular stomach enlarged, mucous membrane erosion.

3, Feeding on sour feed: chickens fed on sour feed, abnormal fermentation in the crop, acid production and gas production, resulting in a swollen crop, and sour, sticky liquid flowing from the mouth when the chickens lower their heads.

4, Newcastle disease because Newcastle disease will cause chickens to become feverish, the amount of drinking water will increase, but the water spitting caused by Newcastle disease is often a relatively viscous liquid, which means that when the chickens are lifted upside down, mucus will drip out from their mouths. Especially at the late stage of feeding, the pre-signs of Newcastle disease, he has vomited acidic water and at the same time pooped green manure.

5, Glandular myogastritis: glandular gastritis is divided into many kinds, there will be many kinds of symptoms, today only and we will talk about which glandular gastric symptoms will lead to vomiting water serious, 20 days after the onset of the most obvious, feeding for several days in a row does not increase or increase the amount is not up to standard, drinking water increase is not obvious, the phenomenon of overfeeding, feathers black, crop full of liquid, no material, anatomical crop waterlogging serious, glandular stomach enlargement such as myogastric, glandular stomach stored in a large amount of feed The gastrointestinal tract is flaccid and inelastic, the intestinal wall is thin and fragile, not many dead paws, chickens with this symptom, vomiting water and its serious.

6, Small intestine coccidia, clostridia and other mixed sense lead to swelling of the intestinal wall, causing local inflammatory infections, internal heat, pain, chickens need to drink water, but water down obstructed, a large amount of mucus and water mixed in the crop to accumulate, reflux, discharged by the mouth, chickens after feeding absorption function becomes poor, this can be seen through the feces, a large number of undigested feed particles, feces color yellow, generally this situation, the proportion of chickens vomiting water is not high, will There is a sporadic incidence of successive.

7, Heat stress this cause is mainly in the summer onset, due to the summer heat, the chickens drink more water, and then the phenomenon of vomiting water. The phenomenon of spitting up water is obvious. This etiology is mainly relieved by cooling down the temperature.

8, High temperature in the house, high density, ventilation is small A large number of clinical practice shows that chickens of the same age, due to the density of the coop, ventilation is not the same, there will be a different phenomenon of vomiting water, density, ventilation is small chicken coop, relatively speaking, the phenomenon of vomiting water will be much more serious.

9, More neurological paralysis laying hens, the age are more than 150 days, the appearance of the crop is swollen, vomiting water to a lesser extent, and other and no obvious symptoms.

To sum up, there are many reasons for chickens to vomit water, and the symptoms are different for different reasons. Chicken farmers can diagnose the cause of chicken vomiting according to the symptoms of the chicken, starting from both management and disease, so that the correct prevention and treatment.

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