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Take You to Understand BB Fertilizer Blender

Take You to Understand BB Fertilizer Blender
BB fertilizer blender belongs to the self-falling double cone reverse discharge mixer, mixing barrel forward mixing, reverse discharge, Shande environmental protection BB fertilizer mixer new structure, with ** high degree, good mixing quality, light weight, beautiful shape and other advantages, is the ideal choice for BB fertilizer (blended fertilizer) manufacturers.

BB fertilizer mixer (blended fertilizer production line) with forward and reverse rotation, through the special internal spiral mechanism and a unique three-dimensional structure for material mixing and output, the equipment design is novel, practical, its feeding system does not store material, mixing system and mixing evenly, blended fertilizer mixer work will not damage the particles. BB fertilizer mixer by the electronic control system, manual, automatic, composite settings, are its similar products do not have the characteristics of . The blended fertilizer equipment has the characteristics of low price, small footprint, high output, even mixing, no damage to particles, etc.

Mixing uniformity: High precision mixing system, effectively ensure that the particle size of the material has been, the particle distribution is similar.

Small and flexible: The equipment occupies a small area and can be customized with fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual types as required.

Low energy consumption: Simple structure of the equipment, easy operation, less procedures, save investment cost and personnel cost, reduce air pollution.

High applicability: High dosing accuracy, reduce the influence of weather factors on the system, and it can operate normally in the humid areas in the south or alpine areas in the north.


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