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"Carbon" is the "First Nutrient" that Crops Need

"Carbon" is the "First Nutrient" that Crops Need
Many people, especially farmers, think it is "Nitrogen", "Phosphorus" or "Potassium"!The major elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. "Carbon" is the first in line.It is widely believed that the most abundant element is nitrogen, without paying attention to the widest "short board" of the "bucket of plant nutrition" - carbon. For many years, the fertilizer industry has called for "balanced fertilization" to repair various nutritional "short boards", without paying attention to the widest "carbon short board".

Soil fertility is divided into three types: organic fertility, chemical fertility, and biological fertility.

Carbon nutrients are the base material of three kinds of soil fertility. The lack of carbon in soil makes three kinds of fertility weak, microorganisms lose energy and cannot reproduce, which is the root cause of soil consolidation and the main reason for low utilization of chemical fertilizers.

Soil carbon deficiency leads to impoverishment of cropland, resulting in weakened crop roots, subhealth, and poor photosynthetic capacity (low yield), which is the carbon deficiency disease of crops. Carbon deficiency disease in turn weakens disease and stress resistance. Therefore, carbon deficiency disease causes more agricultural losses in China than any other crop diseases. For agriculture to reach a new level and for food security, the greatest room for improvement lies in carbon replenishment.

Carbon deficiency in crops will lead to weakened root systems and even root rot, premature failure, subhealth, easy to fall, abnormal chloroplast development, poor disease and stress resistance, low yield, low quality, abnormal fruit development and germplasm degradation, etc.

Long-term "carbon starvation" and repeated carbon "overdraft", the formation of crop "carbon deficiency disease".

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